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About Radio Mandavi:
Radio Mandavi is a Community Radio Registered in Government of Nepal, Ministry of Information and Communication. It is located in Mid-western development region's Pyuthan district. This is 467 Km far from capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. This radio started its regular broadcast from Bhadra 24, 2064 BS. This radio broadcasts its programs17 hours per day. 

This radio is a full member of Association of Community Radio Broadcaster's Nepal (ACORAB) in 2007 and World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters AMARC in 2010. 

Radio Mandavi is a social media exposing global, international and national information, progress, current affairs and developments among the general public.

Also, Radio Mandavi focuses on key issues in Community, National level and international to Global Level.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 have firmly spoken for the rights of people. Due to many social and economic causes rights guaranteed by those documents have not been ensured. This is one of the serious problems in many parts of the world. So is the case of Nepal. In many rural areas, women, children, and voiceless people are facing injustices. This community radio aims at assisting those issues to equip them with their rights by proving them chances to raise their voice on their own.

This vision of this community radio Mandavi is to see social justice and economic prosperity of marginalized people especially socially backward in Nepal.

The mission of this radio is to discriminate social, cultural and political situation of rural community and add voice for the cause of voiceless and marginalized people who are living in MWDR and FWDR of Nepal, and to empower them as well. The aim of this project is to help women and children to realize their potential. Invest in women, we believe fundamentally strengthens families and societies.

The goal of this radio is to create a favorable environment where voice of voiceless and marginalized people. (Dalit, Yadav, freed bonded labors, badi, women who are victims of chaudpadi tradition and domestic violence, Kamlari pratha, haruwa/charuwa pratha, etc.) are heard and necessary steps are taken to improve their situation of  social justice. This project also works in order of increasing people's rights, social accountability, economically empower poor people and ensure their personal security.

  • Making marginalized/ voiceless women themselves able enough to raise their voices for their own causes,
  • Promote inter-cultural harmony in the communities,
  • Bringing both marginalized/voiceless women themselves as well their issues in the media,
  • Creating an environment where voices of voiceless people are heard far and wide for social justice.
  • Making government and service delivery organizations responsible enough to work for the causes of marginalized/voiceless people. 
  • Ushering people future course of social stream.
  •  Strengthening the democratic culture.
  • Promoting democratic norms and values among the rural masses.
  • Developing a network of likeminded-community radios that are working for the well-being of marginalized communities.
  • Developing the humanitarian sentiments and intercultural harmony among the women who were victimized by a decade-long armed conflict.  
  • Increasing women and children rights and ensuring their personal security.

Radio Programs:
Programs produced and broadcasted by Mandavi Fm are : child right and women right, Agriculture, Education, Public hearing programs on social accountability, programs on poverty alleviation etc.

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